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We’ve designed Public Sector CMS to deliver the very best in out of the box functionality and technical configuration without breaking the bank. With that in mind, not only do you get all of the editing and page management tools you’d expect, including the ability to include rich media and import content directly from MS Word, but you also get extremely scalable, secure and robust hosting, a complete staging environment and even full user data encryption if you need it.

Coupled with extremely powerful on-site searching and the ability to include advanced functionality such as user generated content and secure areas, and you get everything you might need at a fraction of the usual cost.



Full content control

You get all the content management tools you'd expect, from WYSIWYG editors and media embedding through to workflow and revision.

Completely customisable

There are no limits on your designs, page templates or functionality - whatever you need, you can have.

Decoupled architecture

Your website is decoupled from your CMS, making it more secure and faster to load.
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Massively scalable

Worried that a peak in traffic might take your website offline? No fear - it's able to deal with massive uplifts in traffic.

Secure hosting

The infrastructure we recommend means you get a lot of natural security in your solution.

Amazing backups

Hourly and daily backups to multiple locations are easy to do and free if we do your hosting.

Powerful searching

Your on-site search can be configured to include mis-spellings and related terms for better results.

User commenting and feedback

On-page comments, discussions and even full forums are no problem at all.

Fully supported

We have 24/7 ticketing, and our underlying technology is open source so you always have support at hand.

Full user control

You can configure access to your CMS as you like it, even integrating with Active Directory if you'd prefer.