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Our CMS is scalable, secure and easy to use

We’ve been working with public sector clients in all areas of delivery from councils to arms-length charities for over 10 years, and we’ve worked up a pretty good understanding of what it is you need from a content management system.

Amongst high levels of functionality and customer engagement, you also need something that is easy for your teams to use, easy to expand and adapt over the next few years, is able to strongly resist hacks and attacks, and can be deployed exactly how you need it without breaking the bank.

Our solution – a combination of open source solutions and some very clever additions – gives you all the functionality and security you need, and removes the niggles and concerns you get with every other solution.

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The assurance of Open Source

Our solution is based on the world’s most popular CMS – we just add to the package to make it faster, scalable and more secure without removing the benefits of world-wide support.


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Speedy and secure

It loads fast, and it's very secure. Total peace of mind for your IT team.

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Easy to use

A powerful CMS that's so easy to use, it needs just 20 minutes training.

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Fully Featured

You get all the functionality you need - news, events, commenting and more.

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Totally bespoke

We retain the ability to use bespoke functionality and design that's right for you.

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